Chancel Choir
Thomas Jacoby leads The Chancel Choir in presenting anthems for worship during September through May. There are no restrictions on participation in the Choir.
The Choir rehearses Sunday mornings at 9:00 am and on Saturday before Christmas and Easter. 
Interested in joining? Contact Tom through the church office.
Worship Ensemble
On most Sundays the Worship Ensemble will add its flavor to music for the day. 
Stringed or wind instruments, harmonica, piano, percussion, all might be used to accompany the congregation or for special numbers. 
Contact Pastor Steve to join in. 
Instant Handbell Choir
Don’t be surprised on Sunday morning if you take a seat in the sanctuary next to a colored tone bell. It means that the “Instant Handbell Choir” will  be presenting music in worship. 
Color-coded cards indicate when it is your turn to ring – and ring, and ring!