Third Church is committed to providing opportunities for young people to explore, confirm, and live out faith in Jesus Christ as a life-long pursuit. To do so we create opportunities for worship, fellowship, mission, and learning for teens and their families. Many of our leaders have more than one generation of experience working with young people in the church and the community.
Middle School Youth – The Squires
* Seasonal “lock-in” retreats at the church
* Fall weekend at Stronghold Camp
* Spring Confirmation Retreat at Stronghold
* Mini-Mission opportunities
* Fundraising meals and fellowship events
Confirmation – 6th-8th Grades
The middle years are a time for young people to examine and confirm their commitment to Jesus Christ. Parents are involved in fulfillment of the vows they took at their children’s baptism. Each confirmand has a mentor relationship as well.
Confirmation Sunday typically takes place in the Spring, accompanied by a celebration beforehand and a reception afterward.
High School – The Night Crusaders
* Host a variety of congregational meals
      And events
* Week-long Summer Mission Trip
* Worship leadership on 5th Sundays
* Trunk ‘n Treat and Christmas Program
Stronghold Camp
Located less than 20 miles away on the Rock River, Stronghold is the place where generations of children have encountered Christ as they spent time in the midst of God’s creation. Stronghold offers a full season of summer camp.
The camp also hosts meetings, conferences, and special events, such as the Renaissance Faire.